Bulgarian Short Films part 2

Bulgarian Short Films part 2

About the film

The second part of screenings of Bulgarian short films includes:

1000 years of life,  director Krum Yankov1000-godini-jivot

Dissatisfaction visits a young couple. They are not ready for such a danger.

Frame of mind, director Zornitsa Petkovaframe-of-mind

A visual short story of how two people meet unexpectedly. The story of a girl and a guy who’s romantic encounter is born in a sunny day. An almost forgotten way of flirting.


The living bread, director Zornitsa Petkovajiviat-hlyab

A story of the youngest bakers in Bulgaria – Baker Brothers – Presiyan and Theodor. The founder of the bakery tells his story in the world of bread making. The film also includes interviews with Presiyan’s grandfather – a grain specialist as well as some of the Baker Brothers’ students.

What is the purpose of the bread, director Niki Stoychkovza-kakvo-sluji-hlyaba

Miss Martha has a small shop in Aldomirovtsi village near Sofia, Bulgaria. Quite a few women her age with far lesser success are already married. Miss Martha’s daily round passes monotonously with one and the same clients, passed her age long ago. A man, evidently younger than the rest of the regular clients, starts visiting the shop. The newcomer always buys an old bread and every time diligently counts his cents. Miss Martha takes an interest in him and decides to win him over as she puts fat in the following old bread.

Love,  director Boya Harizanovalove

Boris arrives in a mountain village to give back the deceased Radko’s belongings to his only living relatives – his grandmother and grandfather. Todorka doesn’t know about her grandson’s death. Worried about Atanas’ health, she decides to hide the truth from him.

Red light, director Toma Waszarow na-cherveno

In 2015, in a small Bulgarian village, a bus stops at the only intersection, where the traffic light is stuck on red. Stoyan (63), the bus driver, refuses to move forward which provokes a conflict. A story about the funny side of apathy, selfishness, and loneliness in a world where following the rules is a kind of misunderstanding.

“How You Look At It” – Wendy Seyb, USAhowyoulookatit

HOW YOU LOOK AT IT is a Silent Comedy short film inspired by the Carl Jung quote, ‘It all depends on how we look at things, and not how they are themselves.’ The story is about how love at first sight changes a man’s perspective of the world around him. With a little help from his inner theme songs, his environment comes together to support his quest to be with his new sighted love…or at least, say hello to her.

Screenings of Bulgarian Short Films part 2