The role of women in contemporary Bulgarian and world cinema, and their impact on its use as a tool for cultural diplomacy.

New York, December 6th, 2017, 5:00 PM

An Initiative of the Cultural Institute to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and it’s Director Mrs. Ludmila Dimitrova.

This is the first initiative that addresses gender equality in the film industry and the film industry itself as part of the cultural diplomacy.

The female directors in Bulgaria will be presented through the unique website that one of them – the documentary Director Adela Peeva – has created.

It is the firs bilingual platform to represent women specifically in film and its aim is to keep an updated list of women filmmakers and their work.

To start the dialogue we’ve created a collaboration between the Cultural institute and the film festival Sofia Independent; we have started discussions with fellow filmmakers and women in politics about the situation, the problems and solutions, and the future. We’ve decided to develop a questionnaire and to seek answers, as a start, from fellow Bulgarian filmmakers from Sofia and all over the world.

As a start we will ask the opinion of the following respected professionals:

  1. Jana Karaivanova – Chief Executive Officer of the Bulgarian National Film Center
  2. Kalina Ivanov – Emmy Award winner and production designer living in New York
  3. Shruti Ganguli – Film producer and Director
  4. Elka Nikolova
  5. Amy Dotson
  6. Zoe Laiz
  7. Gabriele Capolino

“It’s a privilege being a filmmaker, and oftentimes I’m not thinking of the fact that I’m a female producer or director unless someone else reminds me of it. And unfortunately this reminder is usually in some form of discrimination – that I’m less capable of a man when it comes to taking on a high budget or genre project or raising money for a film. That being said, I’ve been fortunate to have many allies, and male ones too, who trust me for my honest, hard work and my inherent nature to just get things done, and those are the type of people I continue working with.”

Shruti Ganguli,

Film producer and Director