Bulgaria, 2016, 93 min


Bulgaria, 2016, 93 min
Dimitar Kotzev

Alexandra Kostova, Radina Borshosh, Radena Valkanova, Youlian Vergov, Leonid Yovchev

About the film



Iva (17) and Maya (12) are half-sisters with a common father who they adore. Their father Andrey (45) falls into a coma after a routine operation. Iva shuts herself down and avoids visiting the hospital. Younger Maya shows a tough spirit. She visits Andrey every day, secretly trying out ways to wake him up. The two sisters are about to be dismissed from school because they announce that their history teacher is a transvestite. Maya spends more and more time with her comatose father, while Iva buries herself in her love for her new boyfriend and her hate for their history teacher. Maya gradually comes up with more and more drastic ideas of how to help her father. Finally she decides to help him die. Even in death Andrey manages to make his daughters more mature and closer to each other than ever.

Screenings of Monkey

Monkey – 27.10.2017

Vlaikova Cinema