Bulgarian short films, part 2

Bulgarian short films, part 2

About the film

“The Nights Of A Lonely Messenger” directed by Andrey Koulev 

A lonely messenger is getting more and more into the stories he reads from the long-lost yellowed letters. His friend tries to snatch him out of it, but who knows whether he will succeed or not…



“That Is Your Baby” directed by Hristo Poriazov

In a busy city park, faith “accidentally” brings together two women and a little girl. The child wanders away and gets lost in the park. Almost crying, it comes across a woman, who appears kind, it asks her to help her find her mom. The strange woman comforts the girl and they find her mom, who is frantically looking for her. The two women met and in an emotional conversation they uncover that they have a very close bond. Three years earlier, one of the women lost her seven month old son and donated his heart to another child anonymously. At the same time, the small girl, whose life was hanging by a thread, due to a congenital anomaly of the heart, underwent cardiac surgery. In the dialogue between the two women in the park, we uncover that the mother of the girl knew only the name of the donor child and that he was of the same age. At the end of the conversation we witness the most amazing meeting on earth. The heart of the boy, donated by the one woman beats in the chest of the little girl next to her in the park.

“There’s A Stranger In My Mirror” directed by Plamen Marinov

The long awaited meeting between the arrogant careerist Venezia Toshkova and the uninvited guest in her mirror.




“MairiM” directed by Lin Hektoen

Miriam emigrated and moved a lot of times, successfully supressing inner emotions and adapting to outer circumstances and systems. The ambitious broker ends up in a crisis as close people and real emotions fight back their space in her life. Where do I come from, where do I go and what will I take with me?


“Siren” directed by Ivo Stainoff

A deaf lobster fisherwoman out in open water saves a drowning man holding onto a suitcase full of cash. He threatens her with a gun but she kicks him off the boat and speeds away. He survives but she goes after him and outmaneuvers him to split the money with her.


“Comrade Sebastian” directed by Martin Genovski

Sebastian is a student grown up in democratic Germany. He has got into in Bulgaria and has been taken prisoner. The young man has been laid to the charge of an “enemy of the state”. The student can’t escape from his chaser, whatever attempts he makes. Sebastian’s escape becomes a racing through his subconsciousness.


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